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The game consists of five reels, each with three symbols and 20 different paylines on the screen. You need to arrange the winning symbol combination on the activated payline to collect cash rewards. The command bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to adjust the game settings before setting the reel to motion. Use various switches to activate or deactivate paylines and modify bets for each line and coin value. Bet Max shortcuts let you push all in and activate all paylines with a single mouse click.


It comes in purple and orange with a small green bow. In addition to this original design, they retain their usual attributes: low payouts and high frequency appearance on the reels. This leaves us with three different Easter eggs on the basic menu. These eggs are repainted and covered with colored symbols such as the beginning, chicks and wavy lines of various shapes and colors. Eggs look amazing, and if you can arrange them on the active payline during the game, they will also give the desktop a bigger reward.