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The epic sheet music adds ample atmosphere to the machine, and the dark background provides some rough looks in today's low-fantasy stories - although the two dragons at the top of the screen still offer a lot of mysterious elements that players will expect.


The gameplay uses five reels with a unique non-standard pyramid layout. Although the first and last reels each have three positions, the second and fourth reels have four and the middle reel has five. With 20 paylines, players can win the game from left to right or from right to left. There are a variety of symbols to match, starting with a variety of gems and offering small rewards. There is also a gambling feature where you can choose to play after any winning spin. You can choose to gamble all or half of the bonus on a simulated toss of a single coin. Win, no matter what you bet, you will double; if you guess wrong, the risk you take will be lost.