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Dragons Legend

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The first thing to consider is the special 243 Ways to Win format. Unlike most slots, you need to match symbols to run across defined paylines, all three and more of the same symbols are located anywhere on the adjacent reels on the left. The math behind this format is simple, with five reels, each containing three symbols. Multiply by 3x3x3x3x3 and you get 243 possible winning combinations. If there is no payline, you need to have 30 coins per rotation.



There is also a dragon that can be covered. Although it has no name, it says "wildness" should tell you everything you need to know about this roaring creature. It does the additional combination by filling in a blank of a series of other symbols or extending over more reels to serve as other combinations. Because it only falls on the middle three reels, it is not worth it. In addition, it cannot replace the scattered symbols.

Fortune Tree

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On average, you can expect 10 to 15 times the total bet, but up to 500 times if it is difficult to get. When you wait for an exciting free spin hit, it provides a nice break spin and a nice little supplement.


The final feature is probably the best and the biggest place to hide. This is very much due to the fact that the lucky tree will shake after each rotation to place 3 to 7 coins on the reel in an attempt to create more winning symbol combinations.

Fire Spin

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The epic sheet music adds ample atmosphere to the machine, and the dark background provides some rough looks in today's low-fantasy stories - although the two dragons at the top of the screen still offer a lot of mysterious elements that players will expect.


The gameplay uses five reels with a unique non-standard pyramid layout. Although the first and last reels each have three positions, the second and fourth reels have four and the middle reel has five. With 20 paylines, players can win the game from left to right or from right to left. There are a variety of symbols to match, starting with a variety of gems and offering small rewards. There is also a gambling feature where you can choose to play after any winning spin. You can choose to gamble all or half of the bonus on a simulated toss of a single coin. Win, no matter what you bet, you will double; if you guess wrong, the risk you take will be lost.

God of Wealth

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The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number among all the figures in China, because in Chinese, the 8 characters are Fa, which is very similar to their word of wealth - wealth up to 250 times your line bet will come to you if you can Find 3 to 5 symbols of any of the 8 different colors and you will find the way to rotate around the reel.


However, even with larger prizes, the Chinese lanterns are waiting for your line bet up to 300 times, Oxen up to 500x, Tigers up to 2,500x, and Green Dragons up to 5,000x line bets.

Fong Shen

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There is also a young Chinese gentleman (looks like a modern TV magician) and a black-haired lady. The lower paying symbols are still very fierce: a dragon (typical Chinese idol), a fiery phoenix, a bird and a wolf creature.


The goal is to reduce at least 3 wild symbols and trigger a bonus game. Once you've implemented it, the screen becomes very wild, and lightning bolts and thunders burst out in an impressive visual wonder. Once you enter the game, pinch off a cup of tea, or click on another page in your browser to view the received email. When you return, the slot will pause and need to be reloaded. If you're a multitasking type, it's very annoying, but fortunately, top animations are worth your attention. Just don't answer the door alone.

God of Wealth 2

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When the free spin feature is triggered, you will be able to select several Gold Ingots, and you must choose one to display up to 10 free spins. During your free spin, all Green Dragons, Tigers and Oxen will be replaced by Caishen Symbols, as he will incur some of his wealth.


His more wealth can also be obtained through jackpots, which are $1,462.45 in the review, and the jackpot can be randomly rewarded after any rotation. From here you can choose to play 1 to 25 paylines in any rotation of this 5-axis game, then choose the total amount from 0.01 coins to 6.25 coins to suit your bet plan - remember all the prizes multiplied by your line Note, in addition to the dispersion of multiplying your total bet.

Fortune Panda

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Panda wealth naturally occurs in the natural habitat of pandas: thick Chinese bamboo forest. The scrolls are made entirely of bamboo branches and the game has a unique natural and green feel. The background doesn't show a lot of details, but the overall atmosphere of the game will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of the bamboo forest, looking for wild giant pandas.


The panda symbol is the wild card of the game. You can use it to replace any of the other basic symbols mentioned earlier, just to give you an extra chance to get a jackpot. The yin and yang symbol is a Scatter, which means that it will trigger a cash reward regardless of alignment. It can only appear on the three first reels, and three of them will also trigger the bonus round. The bonus is in the form of ten free spins

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