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coyote cash

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It can appear on all five reels, which is almost exciting. When one or more Coyotes win a combination, all wins for that salary are doubled. The five Coyote flags on the activated payline have the maximum bet rotation that will result in a 10,000X multiplier for the line bet.


Also discussed is the RTG's iconic Real Series slot feature, which will randomly trigger and pay the current jackpot value when any rotation is completed, which is displayed in real time on the reels. Three or more green Loot scatter icons appear anywhere on the reel will trigger 20 free spins. The free spin win will be multiplied by 2, 3 or 4 depending on the number of Loot bags triggered, 3, 4 or 5 respectively. When three or more scatter icons appear again on the reel during free rotation, additional free spins can be obtained by re-triggering, and the initial multiplier will be applied to any wins generated during the re-trigger free spin.

dragon gold

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All symbols have different values, so each symbol will receive a different reward. Some lower value symbols require three matches on the active payline for payment, while some higher value symbols require only two matches. The most important symbols are even less, just pay for one.



In addition to the standard symbols, there are some additional features on the reel. Wild can replace almost all other symbols on the board, making it harder to complete the winning line. Another way to influence how much you pay is to set the value of the coin. You can choose from anything from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00, and you can play up to 10 coins per payline.

crazy 7

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Maybe only hardcore gamblers can really appreciate this game. Having said that, Crazy 7 can also be an easy-to-understand starter for beginners who don't want to be overwhelmed by dynamic environments and numerous options and bonuses. Instead, Crazy 7 provides them with a relatively safe betting environment, slower game speeds and the freedom to easily limit risk through a convenient command bar.


All in all, Crazy 7 may only attract a fairly small audience, and once the novelty disappears, they may overtake the game very quickly. Keep this in mind when considering Crazy 7.


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The game consists of five reels, each with three symbols and 20 different paylines on the screen. You need to arrange the winning symbol combination on the activated payline to collect cash rewards. The command bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to adjust the game settings before setting the reel to motion. Use various switches to activate or deactivate paylines and modify bets for each line and coin value. Bet Max shortcuts let you push all in and activate all paylines with a single mouse click.


It comes in purple and orange with a small green bow. In addition to this original design, they retain their usual attributes: low payouts and high frequency appearance on the reels. This leaves us with three different Easter eggs on the basic menu. These eggs are repainted and covered with colored symbols such as the beginning, chicks and wavy lines of various shapes and colors. Eggs look amazing, and if you can arrange them on the active payline during the game, they will also give the desktop a bigger reward.

dolphin rest

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Why do we want to keep you away from the mobile Dolphin Reef slot? There is no reason, because it is the theme that is done again and again, we just want to let you know where it is doing better.


This is a fun little mobile casino slot machine, but it is a fairly simple low payout. You will win, but it won't be very important. It only has one bonus feature and doesn't always work, so you usually only have to be scattered and wild to keep most of your rotation. It's a bit too calm and soft for us, and we prefer our mobile slot machines to be even more exciting.

dragon tiger (Red)

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On the left side of the game window is a vertical display showing the words "BONUS" and + 2, + 4 and +10. To enter the free spin, the player needs to illuminate the least characters in the cascade sequence. If you don't do this, the display will be reset again before the next rotation.


A winning cascading or reward scatter will illuminate a character for each character that appears. For example, hitting a winning combination and a bonus dispersion on the initial cascade will illuminate the characters B and O on the reward panel. Once the entire word "BONUS" is illuminated in sequence, it will trigger an initial 10 free spins with a x1 starting winning multiple. When hitting six, seven or eight consecutive winning cascades or bonus symbols in a single rotation sequence, the extra + 2, + 4 and +10 free spins for a total of 26 free spins.


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If the dragon loses, you will get the standard 10 free spins, no multiplier. One will remain completely wild during the free spin.

Another round of bonuses saw the confrontation between White Dragon and Red Dragon. Everyone has one meter below the battle, and every time a dragon shoots on it, their instruments are reduced. You will win every time the white dragon breathes, and if the red dragon is defeated and falls, you will receive an extra bonus. Leander has one slot for almost every box. The graphics are top-notch and the soundtrack is perfect. There are some original features, all of which allow you to get involved and to win money for you anytime, anywhere. The only thing missing is the big bonus, but even this has its advantages, because you will get many smaller wins to make up for it.

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