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As busy schedules and stressful lifestyles affect everyone, individuals are desperately looking for ways to get out of tension, and there are some small adventures that can help them reactivate their spirits and bring a few good things. Moment. Well-being. You will find that when you return from your own office, you are eager to play live22 casino games, which may have become a very popular game for decades.

With the internet, you don't have to worry about the traffic, crowds or space of the casino. There are many online casinos, such as Live22, that receive bonuses and prizes, and serve slot games, so you can have fun in a variety of slot games.

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Sacred Relics

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Unique icons can be literally scattered on the slot screen to win. When your starting reels don't match, it's usually a bad thing, but there are always a lot of wins in the scatter group. Slot machines such as The Mulan, Bruce the Legend and Ra the God of Sun offer similar online slot games.





I really like to play Sacred Relics, the Asian gods game provides a lot of details, really let you into the grove with caterpillars, lotus, hand fan and yin and yang symbols and sounds. Finally we said that Sacred Relics is a fun slot with good victories and good sound.


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When the symbols rotate them, we can still see the entire picture. They complement the smart design of the game with a simple gold surround and a control panel on the decorative base.


The reel intersects with 50 paylines. In normal games, adjacent reels on any line require at least 3 symbol types, starting from the left and worth winning, although there are several other bonus symbols that work differently. Anyone who doesn't want to spin at least 0.50 each time and wants to practice first can try The Mulan video slot for free.

Sexy Beach Party

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The symbols in the beach party are exaggerated because they are quite large. The alphanumeric symbols are large and look like they are drawn by a beach spectator. You'll also see two tropical drinks, a dart, and a bikini girl dancing on a reel, which really complements the party atmosphere of this special title.


When you rotate and win, you will hear a variety of sound effects, depending on the symbol. However, what will remain forever is the sound of collecting coins, which is very satisfying at the end of the victory.


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Brown rocks, hard hats, gold nuggets and a mine car filled with more gold coins create a small line of victory, with green, red, blue and white crystals lined up to reward higher prizes.



The pristine signpost acts as a wild symbol, so when the player places a matching symbol on the reel, but there is a gap in the run, the field can replace the missing part and still win the prize. It can also further extend the winning line of 3 or 4 matching symbols on the reel for a greater return. When the road signs form a separate victory combination, the road sign also points to the best prize, returning a maximum of 2,500 line bets, although it cannot be used as a decentralized or cumulative reward symbol. Once these rewards are earned, the free spin will begin, and if the prospector appears in a sufficient position in a bonus spin, the turn will be re-triggered and a new set of 10 games added at the end.


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The entry point of this slot machine game is only 0.09 per rotation. If the high stakes player wants to play these bets, the lower limit can be raised to 900.00. It is worth pointing out that only the person with the biggest bet can get 100% of any jackpot, and at the minimum bet level, only 10% of the prize will be awarded.



A big red star may reflect the Chinese market that GamingSoft is mainly attracted to. It is a scattered symbol, so it does not need to be rewarded on a fixed payline, and the amount paid will be a multiple of the total. The bet for each rotation, not just the bet on a line.

The Mystical Unicorn

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To complement the glowing blue and purple flowers that fill the background image of this game, the lower value symbol consists of more flowers, and the bright blue return bonus equals 5 times, 12 times or 20 times the bet per line. It can be stopped on 3, 4 or 5 reels on any payline. There is a purple flower symbol, a white and orange flower, and the top paying flowers are filled with each color of the rainbow, paying 8 times, 20 times or 35 times.


Like most online casino slot machines in the GamingSoft series, The Mythical Unicorn video slot machines feature a 4-level jackpot. The Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpots are displayed above the reels, and the value rises steadily, with each bet being in the entire range. You need to see the jackpot of the multicolored flower on the reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time to trigger the circle, which is played in the forest, where the unicorn stands next to many flowers. Click on the flower to display any jackpot level and win the prize immediately, although only the highest stakes gambler is eligible for all 100% bonus. People with lower bets get less and less jackpots until the minimum bet level gets only 10%.


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Through the golden chafer beetle jewels, the same golden pyramid, a single BAR and the final top victory, the green value of 60 coins is obtained from all three reels appearing on all three reels. The base game comes from a double BAR icon and is worth 200 coins.



The purpose of this fun bonus round is to look at the highlighted numbers on the left side of the tablet and determine if the next number to rotate is high or low. The correct choice will cause you to move the multiplier table further up, but once a false guess is made, the round ends and any accumulated multiplier is paid. This is a good feature if the number is close to 1 or 9, and it is fairly easy to do if the number is close to 1 or 9, but it can be tricky when highlighted at 4, 5 or 6.

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