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It has been a while since the launch of the 3Win8 slot game in April 2016. I want to say that the response is very good. For those who are tired of SCR888, you can try playing 3Win8.

First, how do I download the 3Win8 game app on my smartphone? It depends on the type of mobile device you are currently using. Of course, Android and IOS are the two most common operating systems in the world.

At 3win8download.com, we guide users how to download 3Win8 in the most efficient way. Click this link to download 3Win8 on Android and iOS.

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Green Light

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The 3rd free games in the 3rd, the 10 free games in the 4th and the 5 free games in the 5th. However, if you complete the first or second game, you will win in the second game, you can win an extra 100 free games to get the first place, and even 5 games can get the 5th. All prizes won during the freeroll have also doubled. You may also end up in some of the debates with Wild Drivers, but to win these arguments, these drivers will replace other symbols to make too many winning paylines and double these bonuses.


There are 20 racing lines to choose from and you can play 1 to 20 on any rotating reel. Then you must set a line bet between 0.01 coins and 0.25 coins on all lines. This allows a minimum bet of only 0.01 coins to be rotated, and you can play all 20 lines with 0.2 rotations. The maximum bet for any rotation is 5 coins.

Indian Myth Yin Du Shen Hua

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It looks good, and we know what we like, but in fact it doesn't have innovation beyond its graphics, which makes it a bad start. Before we even have a chance to explain the bonus, Indian mythology is being broken and exposed; you can learn something from it.


The game has exactly the same adventure features that Iceland has, now it has the same name and the same winning amount - no one has been changed to fit the theme. It feels like Spade Gaming's laziness, because creating something slightly different based on their experience is not that difficult.

Highway Kings

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You can also check the payment values associated with the combination of three, four, and five matching symbols by clicking on the Payment Form at the bottom of the screen.


There are 11 symbols in the highway king, each symbol representing a different salary value. Icons include steering wheel, tires, bolts, a pair of tweezers, air pumps, petrol cans, jumpers and three different color trucks: one green, one yellow and one red. Some symbols in Highway Kings offer bonuses for combinations of three or more, but the higher-income icons are only two matching rewards. The most generous sign on the board - the red truck - even pays two points for a single symbol on the reel.

Japan Fortune

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The button to exit the home screen is located at the bottom left and clearly marked. In Japanese wealth, in order to win prizes, you need to match three or more symbols, but if you can match more, this is a plus, because the more matches you get, the bigger the victory. All symbols have different values, and the card letters are usually located at the lower end of the board. The Pagoda offers the highest prize with a prize of 5,000 and matches five.


On reels 2 and 4, you can also find wild symbols. This can replace most other symbols and help match the winning line.


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This means that for your balance, the biggest victory for a walrus (usually 3,333 credits) can be a bigger 9,999 credits. It’s all because of wild!


Sadly, there is a problem that these polar bears are isolated on the third reel and cannot move in the base game. This in turn will activate their interests and make users more burdened, but without challenges, what are the benefits? Just like an adventure bonus, certain factors need to be activated when anything happens; at this level you need to bet 10 times your bet at the beginning of the free spin.

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