Arctic Treasure

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The scene is taking place at night, and the high icebergs in the background are illuminated by the blue moonlight. The reels in the foreground are covered in snow, and the command buttons are subtly hidden in the sidebar and pop-up menu.





The Arctic treasure is simple, but it looks beautiful. But don't let this calm scene distract your goals and let us play the game next. The Arctic Treasure's payment form is filled with frozen items and local creatures that have been adjusted to survive in extreme conditions. Let's take a look at all of these symbols here, as well as examples of cash rewards based on a coin bet.

Bonus Bears

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The gameplay is simple and the animations are impressive, making this lucrative slot machine game one of the games you have to try. If you are lucky, you can take home the 5000 coins offered in this game. The jackpot does not include the bonus available in the bonus round. During the honeypot function.





The Honey feature is a fun bonus round that allows players to earn free points. This feature is triggered when you get at least 3 cellular symbols anywhere on the reels. The goal of this round of bonuses is to let players find honeypots as much as possible. To do this, the player must let the bear climb one of the five trees and look for a honeypot.

Dolphin Reef

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The other game reels will be rotated five more times. The Dolphin symbol can also be used as a Wild symbol, which acts as all game symbols without exception. They appear only on the second and fourth reels. The game also includes the Chest Scatter symbol, which will bring you bonus if at least three games fall anywhere on the game screen. If you need to win double or quadruple in the spin, you can play the mini gambling game that comes with this slot.





Your goal in this game is to guess the color or suit of the last card in the deck. Once you win, you can win or gamble again. If your guess is wrong, you will lose this round of victory.

Boy King's Treasure

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This makes you wonder if there is any meaning when using animation. Despite this, the overall look of the game is bright and bold - ensuring that every rotation is at least eye-catching.





No matter what the s symbol is, the most important thing is how much they are worth, right? Well, these values will vary greatly depending on the number of symbols you have arranged on the active payline. Even the mighty king himself. This means that there will be two active wild symbols in the game, one of which will increase your chances of finding a royal jackpot, which of course only has real money when you play the game.

Iron Man 3

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Let us hope that his heart will not freeze! War Machine will trigger 8 free games, with Random Wild Power Sources distributed on the reels every 3 rotations. And, in the end, the Iron Patriots will trigger 15 free games with a dynamic multiplier of 2x - 5x. If the Iron Patriot appears in the free spin, he will increase the multiplier by 1 on the next spin.





It is possible for the player to get one of 4 progressive random jackpots because the jackpot is associated with other miracle slots. These are Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power Jackpots.

Captain's Treasure

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First look at the command bar at the bottom. Use the bet button to increase or decrease the number of coins you wish to bet on the next rotation. Keep in mind that larger, more risky bets can also trigger a larger drop. If you feel particularly lucky, the Bet Max shortcut will allow you to push all in with just one click. Click Rotate to start the game, then watch the reels rotate and stop showing your prizes.





The ship's wheels, anchors, maps and crossed swords represent the most valuable symbol of the captain's treasure. A combination of as few as two icons begins to pay a small reward, and as the combination grows longer, the value of the payment increases.

The Incredible Hulk

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It will only get better because your next job is to smash one of the three military helicopters to show the multiplier of your cash reward multiplied. If you are really lucky, you will also be awarded the final smash of the Hulk Angry Bonus, which will allow you to further cash out by smashing all 7 police cars.





Marvel Slots is also known for its four link jackpots, which are related to all other Marvel games, including other popular games such as Captain America and Spider-Man. 3 symbols trigger your total bet 10 times, 4 triggers your total bet 20 times, and 5 triggers 100 times your total bet. The 3 to 5 scatter symbol will also trigger the game's 10 free games free game bonuses, all of which are paid at three times the normal price!

Cherry Love

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We can imagine that this slot machine game will attract the world's bloody men, because the sexy lady is unfolding on your reel, barely wearing it.





Playtech has just released another slot; Love from Russia is like a slot machine, you can play with 0.30 rotation or 30.00 maximum rotation.

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