Green Light

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The 3rd free games in the 3rd, the 10 free games in the 4th and the 5 free games in the 5th. However, if you complete the first or second game, you will win in the second game, you can win an extra 100 free games to get the first place, and even 5 games can get the 5th. All prizes won during the freeroll have also doubled. You may also end up in some of the debates with Wild Drivers, but to win these arguments, these drivers will replace other symbols to make too many winning paylines and double these bonuses.


There are 20 racing lines to choose from and you can play 1 to 20 on any rotating reel. Then you must set a line bet between 0.01 coins and 0.25 coins on all lines. This allows a minimum bet of only 0.01 coins to be rotated, and you can play all 20 lines with 0.2 rotations. The maximum bet for any rotation is 5 coins.

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